Hey there! Have you been thinking about taking your business to the next level, but having a hard time to wrap your head around what to do next?

We have all been there! Not knowing where to start when wanting to nourish your idea. Well, I want to help by offering you complimentary vision sessions. Book a one on one session with me, grab a coffee/tea and let us take the first step together.


We empower a growing community of female entrepreneurs to build successful conscious businesses dedicated to creating healthier, happier and wealthier lives by helping them unlock their superpower of resilience and build BOLD brands to maximize their impact and income.

Our COURSES, COACHING, CONSULTANCY and COMMUNITY facilitates a powerful and unique combination of bold brand strategies that future-fit business success and transformational mindset work that elevates authentic, confident leadership

We are THE foundation that enables you and your business to rise and thrive no matter what comes in the way.

  • Get crystal clear messaging
  • Find your niche opportunity
  • Adapt to change with ease
  • Price premium with confidence
  • Save time flipping and flopping
  • Be ahead of the curve

There are many ways to work with us


Do you want to create brand value that can future fit your business?

Hi, I’m Ozlem and after two decades of building multiple million-pound corporate brands around the world I have created a One-to-One BRAND COACHING PROGRAMME that gives you the best of my tools and techniques to help you fast track brand value growth to accelerate profit.

Whether you are a 5 digit start up looking for 6-digits, a 7-digit looking for global expansion — you will learn the blueprint of how to start, scale and thrive business regardless of where the world is at.

Branding is not rocket science but it is a winning process. My methods are straight forward and effective, fast tracking you out of overwhelm and into clarity to get the results you want for your business

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Resilience needs to be cultivated, deployed, and engaged with now more than ever. But above all, it needs to be embedded within oneself. Ozlem is one of the few people I know who can do this – she does it with people, with brands, with leadership teams, and she has done it with The Future Laboratory too – internally, and with our clients – and all to impressive and unrivalled effect.

Martin Raymond

The Future Laboratory, co-Founder

This course has helped me find superpowers I didn’t know I had.

Simeon Tennant

Reuters, Creative Lead

Having Ozlem on board with our start-up has given us huge insight into the many areas of business that we were foreign to. Her passion for the individual and the business created a mutual confidence and trust moving forward. Ozlem’s strategic questioning drove us to deeper thinking outside the box and push our boundaries; facing challenges constructively with confidence. Her professional stance, invaluable contributions, and attention to detail for a start-up business, like ours, has been impressive and undoubtedly admirable.

Elif Cesar

The Multilocal, Founder & Co-CEO

Ozlem employs a highly analytical, systematic and thorough approach from research to implementation. The brand strategy work Ozlem and her team completed for our three brands has translated into an invaluable competitive edge both at home and abroad.

Demet Mutlu

Trendyol, Founder

online courses


Don’t Admire the Problem. Be The Resilient

How to build the resilience for change - learn how to choose, cope and live through change

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Define And Live Your Story

How to find authentic purpose and release your unique potential

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Start Your Brand For Success

A self-paced course to help you envision and build a magnetic brand for your business

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We don't mess about

By synthesising experience and robust insight gained from decades of human behavioural research and strategic consulting to the leaders of multiple FTSE 100 companies across many countries, we have developed value packed training and coaching programmes that equip you with the skills, techniques and tools you need to spring forward.

Ozlem Tuskan is a go-to transformational brand strategist who has brought profit acceleration to the world’s leading brands for decades by defining resilient strategies that enable and nurture businesses and cultures to strive forward.

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Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Resilient

A self-paced course to help you envision and build a magnetic brand for your business