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Don’t Admire the Problem. Be The Resilient

How to build the resilience for change - learn how to choose, cope and live through change

What you will get

This course will give you a true understanding of the components of resilience, why it’s important, how it plays a pivotal role in coping with and executing change in today’s world. We will teach you tangible skills to build the inner resilience needed to achieve better outcomes in your life, work and relationship with others and yourself. Here you will gain greater self awareness of your own needs, values and strengths, increase your emotional and mental agility, build inner motivation for positive habit change and learn how to build human connections that serve and nurture you.

Who should take the course

  • Anyone in the creative industries needing  more ‘agency’ in their own future
  • Young business leaders wanting to manage change with greater clarity, motivation and authenticity
  • Students entering the commercial world and feeling overwhelmed by uncertaintly

What will it cover

  • What is resilience?
  • What are the global drivers of change in the world today and how do these external conditions effect our behaviours, mindset and ability to be resilient?
  • What are the proven contributors of resilience and why is it so important?
  • Why we choose comfort zones?
  • What is positive discomfort and how can it help?
  • How to increase awareness of your own body and psychology and what it’s telling you
  • How to regulate your emotions and put them to functional use
  • How to discover your superior strengths
  • How to gain mental agility with positive, authentic self-talk that leads to better decision making
  • How to spark inner motivation that leads to action and habit change
  • How to manage and nurture relationships and connections in a way that nourishes you

Course Offerings

Entry level

Audio session (Pre-recorded) + Personal follow up session

1.5hr | £350 plus 30 min One-on-One 'Follow up/ Q&A' session

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Interactive Webinar

3hr + Free materials, 1 hour Free Coaching Session | £500

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1:1 Bespoke Presentation for Events

Starting at £1200


Resilience needs to be cultivated, deployed, and engaged with now more than ever. But above all, it needs to be embedded within oneself. Ozlem is one of the few people I know who can do this – she does it with people, with brands, with leadership teams, and she has done it with The Future Laboratory too – internally, and with our clients – and all to impressive and unrivalled effect.

Martin Raymond

The Future Laboratory, co-Founder

Who teaches the course

Ozlem Tuskan is a go-to strategist for transformation. For over two decades she has worked with the world’s leading FTSE 100 companies to define resilient strategies that enable teams and nurture cultures to strive forward. Her strategy work has spanned many continents delivering positive impact for companies such as L’OREAL, DIAGEO, FACEBOOK, UNIBAIL-RODAMCO-WESTFIELD, GOOGLE, COCA-COLA, CNN, WOOLWORTHS S.A., GENPACT, PENTLAND, KNIGHT DRAGON, MTV, ATELIER REBUL, AYGAZ and MACROCENTER.

She’s known for her diagnostic flair, creative approach, sharp intuition and astute problem solving. She inspires others to think big, to envision the unimagined of tomorrow whilst applying passionate grit into executing positive change today.


    Pick my brains for a 90 minute power extended hour on any of the below topics and lets’ get you out of the foggy woods and into the clear sunshine with a lazer recommendation and clarity on some concrete next steps and priorities.

    Watch out for the next upcoming live
    Self Love and Resilience Workshop.

    A 2 hour workshop to take you closer to unlocking your true potential by teaching ways in which to skillfully manage life’s twists and turns, ups and downs by remaining strong mentally and emotionally, agile and optimistic.

    A self-paced course to help you envision and build a magnetic brand for your business