Hey there! Have you been thinking about taking your business to the next level, but having a hard time to wrap your head around what to do next?

We have all been there! Not knowing where to start when wanting to nourish your idea. Well, I want to help by offering you complimentary vision sessions. Book a one on one session with me, grab a coffee/tea and let us take the first step together.

Courses & Training

We adopt an integrative 5 pillar approach to building resilient brands and cultures that deliver positive change to planet, people and profit.



Don’t Admire the Problem. Be The Resilient

How to build the resilience for change - learn how to choose, cope and live through change

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Define And Live Your Story

How to find authentic purpose and release your unique potential

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Start Your Brand For Success

How to envision, create and build a brand in today's world

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We enable you to shift

How we work

We don’t get stuck in the theory, we cut to the chase to teach the practicals of how to get resilient and apply it to your life with ease.

We achieve this by applying a holistic and unique combination of real proven business experience together with academic theory by synthesising 25 years of extensive strategic consulting to the leaders of FTSE 100 companies together with human behavioural research, psychology, physiology, sociology and spirituality. Our approach enables your resilience to rise and thrive.

Ozlem Tuskan is a go-to transformational strategist who has brought growth to the world’s leading brands for decades by defining resilient strategies that enable and nurture businesses and cultures to strive forward.

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Great things never came from comfort zones.

We’ll help you step boldly outside yours.

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