Inside you’ll discover:

How to build a company that achieves more by doing less by focusing on the vital thing that brings the greatest return – a clear, magnetic and joined up brand.

With a clear and magnetic brand you can charge more, sell more because you’re more focused, super clear on who you want to serve and how, giving you efficiencies by pulling in the right audiences rather than pushing out marketing that tries to pull them in.

It allows you to think big picture and anticipate the future while creating an offer that is delivered at the right price with the right business model today.

All of this should give you more money and investors will understand this, wanting to invest in your business and be a part of your journey.

As a result you get what I presume you want most as an entrepreneur, freedom! Why else would be take on such responsibility?

In short, a business built on a robust strategy will give you the ease, simplicity and clarity you need to fight the overwhelm and give you more freedom and income.

Whether its’ to #beatthebias towards women in the VC investment world or #beattheodds to become a successful female entrepreneur, you get to achieve this by proofing your business with a world-class brand strategy.

You get to build a brand that will act as a magnet for your business so you can step into success and freedom.

Learn about:

The discrimnination and bias in investment for female-led businesses and how it’s changing and how we can continue to ensure changes are made

How the future of business is purpose and how women are doing purpose right to be the future of business

Diversity-focused VC funds who are changing the script and perfect for women

A 4 Step check list on how to build a winning world-class brand strategy.

Top 3 tips on how to pitch with confidence with investors

Top 4 tips for female entrepreneurs in building a financially successful brand

Top 4 tips for VCs investing in women, or women thinking of investing

To shift to a place where you are accelerating, you have to know how to transform yourself, your business – essentially get resilient! 

A powerful Brand Strategy gives you the clarity, simplicity and ease you need to achieve just that.

 Within the guide I reveal 25 years of best kept secrets!

Let’s face it…

If you’re a woman in business, you might have an idea to take the leap and start your own company, or maybe you’re a founder, looking for your first round of investment. Either way you’re probably holding yourself back thinking it’s difficult and risky. You might be thinking it’s so much harder than it looks. But it gets to be easy!

I have built multiple multi-million pound businesses and trust me the formula is the same. 

Inside I reveal the secrets that will help you get VC investment with confidence and/or set your business up to make more money with a clear and simple brand strategy rooted in a big vision.

Don’t let anything hold you back.

If you have a vision, run with it.

You have the vision, and you get to trust it, stay committed and build the strategy to make it happen!

This future of female investment report and my free brand strategy guide is really designed to help female entrepreneurs pitch with confidence with investors.

It’s designed to give you the freedom of clarity so you can focus on building your business with ease and joy. 

As a brand strategist, I help conscious female founders and entrepreneurs accelerate their influence, income and impact through crucial understanding of their audience, robust brand strategy and mindset coaching.

My biggest passion is empowering women with resilient businesses and mindsets strategies that allow them to step into their highest, most accomplished selves and leave a positive mark on the world.

And this is all possible for you, as long as you’re equipped with the right support and the right knowledge and the right resources!

In all the work we do we strive to enable you to use your agency, empower you to be autonomous, purpose-led, creative activists, who choose their own path

I hope this report provides you with direction on how to beat the bias and accelerate business strategy. More importantly, I hope it inspires you with optimism that you can build resilient businesses that serve for a better future, all while filling your life with freedom, joy and fulfillment.

Download the guide to build a better future for yourself and women in business.

Hi I’m Ozlem, call me Oz!.

I am no wizard but I have been a branding and innovation strategist for 25 years serving C-Suite leaders of the largest FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies with resilient strategies to accelerate profit. As former Head of Strategy at The Future Laboratory, my team and I led the strategic foresight, brand and innovation planning for brands such as Facebook, L’Oreal, Google, Genpact, Adidas, Lacoste, Westfield, to name but a few.

My branding and communications strategy and design work has served corporate global players such as DIAGEO, COCA-COLA, EMIRATES, CNN, MTV, WOOLWORTHS S.A., GENPACT, PENTLAND, KNIGHT DRAGON, SIX SENSES, UNILEVER, PROCTER AND GAMBLE, EFES, ATELIER REBUL and MIGROS GROUP.  I am also the founder of  a multiple 6 digit BRAND DESIGN CONSULTANCY.

In short, I have been geeking out on branding for 25 years serving C-Suite leaders with brand strategies that have generated multiple million pound revenues all while servicing for healthier, happier and wealthier communities.

I now dedicate my time to accelerating investment and income for conscious female entrepreneurs, founders and leaders by equipping them with crucial audience, cultural understanding, robust brand strategy and powerfull product and marketing concepts.

Branding work has given me so much freedom as an entrepreneur and now I want you to have the same.

I now live across London and the Aegean, all made possible because I took the plunge to invest in my brand and enroll others to do the same in their businesses. It’s all paid back so much dividends and now I want to do the same for you and your business!

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